Couldn't believe how quick August flew by.  Shot a wedding for a beautiful couple early on in the month.  Took a visit out to San Clemente to see if I can get some drone footage.  My brother offered skybox tickets to checkout Kendrick Lamar, that was dope.  Visited a good friend out in Venice and checked out his gallery at Samy's.  My wife and I had to do a little exploring while we were up there.  What better excuse to get in some snaps.  Then back home, scoping out the regular spots.  

September and October were both hectic.  I had my brother's wedding to celebrate, which coincidently fell on the hottest day of my life.  Got a couple shots out in OB before his big weekend.  Went to visit more of the regular spots, itching to grab a shot looking up at the planes.  JMSN was out here at UCSD with a low-key  show.  My wife and I love catching them whenever they make it down here to San Diego.  Took a spontaneous trip out to Lake Cuyamaca during a new moon to catch some stars.  That same weekend, we took the truck for a little 4x4 up to Julian on a mild trail.  Of course it was another scorcher. Before I knew it, October made it's way and we tripped back to Arizona for Lantern Fest with the family.  It was great spending quality time with them, sending special messages to our angels.

Donna and I took some maternity photos to start off November.  We're so anti these types of shots, but we sucked it up because we wanted to add this to Juliet's little photo album.  Our baby shower came soon after.  Our family is growing and the ratio of babies to adults is out numbering us.  Visited OB for photography on a day off before Thanksgiving.  Lighting was flat and pulling out the details from the EM1 is more of a challenge versus the a7RII.  Thanksgiving passed, Donna and I took family photos of our nephews and niece.  I put the vintage Canon LTM 50mm to use for the first time for portraiture.  The soft details were gorgeous, but not sure if I'll ever do that again with little ones.  Finished off that weekend with a drive to the beach to witness all the crazy San Diego sunsets.  

And there's December.  Squeezed in a few more photo sessions before Juliet arrived.  Got some aerials from Imperial Sand Dunes and over in Del Mar with the Mavic.  My wife and I went for breakfast out in PB and snuck in some photography at the pier right after.  We decided to make the day of it and stopped over in La Jolla for a few more looks and alone time.  My life is going to change they say.  It sure did.