Olympus OM-D E-M1 MkII
M. Zuiko 12-40mm

The last of our mini-moons was spent in one of our favorite cities, New York City.  We landed early April 1st, excited to start our 16 year celebration and our first year as a married couple.  Little did we know that heartbreak was around corner.  I vividly remember that day.  Seeing the hurt in my wife's eyes was the most painful feeling.  Her sister, our angel on earth, now the guardian angel of our family.  This was Kate's city as well.  It was in the stars for her to transition to a life in Brooklyn.  Kate reminded us of her constant love for NY, even in our last moments dropping us off to the airport.  

Sony a7rii
Zeiss 35mm + Canon 50mm LTM

It's hard realizing how much someone so special has left us so soon.  Reflecting on these photos 6 months later, it dawned on me how little motivation I had for photography.  Just that sadness took a toll on all of us in different ways.  But it's time to channel these feelings into more photography.  Looking back on these photos, I feel I owe it to my wife and my family to stay motivated in things that drive me to be a better person.