JMSN in San Diego.  Pretty much an annual date night for the wife and I. 

Soda Bar hosted JMSN for the evening.  Tight quarters in comparison to Casbah the past few years, but fortunately we posted where I can squeeze a few frames off the E-M1.

For some camera talk, I've been diggin' the Shadow Metering mode on my EM-1.  Not only am I able to comfortably shoot in the trusty Aperture priority mode, I was able to lock and correctly expose the chaotic ambient light to maintain the mood.  Check it out below.

Nothing but good feels last night.  JMSN's new album "As Is" is brilliant as fuck.  
The band's chemistry is evidently on point, especially when they're rippin' it in
the numerous 10 minute jam sessions.  

Thanks again JMSN.  
San Diego welcomes you in open arms any day of the week.