Olympus OM-D E-M1
M. Zuiko 60mm

I absolutely have to start with saying, "I love this lens" This is the newest addition to my 3 lens, M43 arsenal, and I can't be even more happier.  It's 120mm reach (35mm equivalent) isn't a common focal length for me, but I just had to jump on the opportunity.  

Wide open at f/2.8, it's obvious this optical beast is sharp from corner to corner.  My normal subjects have a new perspective, giving new life for me in post.  All technicalities aside, this 60mm does what it needs to do.  Not only that, it's fully weather-sealed, allowing more options for those harsh weather conditions.  

I'm going to leave it at this, but expect some new subjects with this lens.  Matter of fact, getting started now.