Little things in life we take for granted.  Let's not look into the tangibles.  How about we talk about time and how little we have left of it.  Sure, we've heard it.  Time is money.  If we think logically, especially in today's society, it's absolutely correct.  But I thank God everyday that my wife is there to help me see the absolute opposite.  Imagine living life with only time and money on mind?  I guess it works for some, but how incomplete could you possibly feel?  Your lifeless soul slaving for the monetary hustle.  Now if there's direction, purpose, and soulful drive, bring on that moolah.  Shit, why deny it right?

I don't want to get off topic, but there was no damn topic established in the first place, lol.  Honestly, all that rambling was influenced from a little exploration we took today.  A quick 15 minute drive brought us somewhere I never gave 2 shits about for the past 31 years living in San Diego. 

Took a quick stroll, a few snaps and absolutely fell in love with the irony of this frame.  Middle of nowhere and not a single soul in sight.  No sidelines, no players, no officials.  Yet a court blessed with an au naturel surrounding.  I have to say thank you for this San Diego.  

Olympus OM-D E-M1
M. Zuiko 12-40mm